24 People That Are Working Smarter, Not Harder

You know the saying, “work smarter, not harder”, well, these people below are doing just that:


smarter not harder - Text - Follow If you're depressed and you eat caramel and you cry at the same time, you will have salted caramel.
smarter not harder
smarter not harder - Text - Follow Scheherazade tells a thousand and one tales and I tell a thousand and one bad things to people. I want to be the first to tell bad stuff about myself. This is my protection strategy How do you like that, Scheherazade?
smarter not harder - Bag - SPLUS
smarter not harder - Text - Follow In order to get used to drinking regular water, I put a whiskey glass next to the tap. Now, it's really nice to go to the tap, pour some water and drink it with a thoughtful expression.
smarter not harder - Outerwear - ww

“For $250 an hour, I will pose as a couples therapist and convince your loved one they are wrong about everything.”

smarter not harder - Product
smarter not harder - Text - Follow In the morning, I noticed that the window in our room was open even though I always close it so as not to get cold. I asked my husband why he did it, and he said it was to make me hug him at night. Well, it worked.
smarter not harder - People - CA 7827 ovr в 1БИРАЙ TO ЕРЕННО!
smarter not harder - Vehicle
smarter not harder - Text - Follow Tired of all the questions about children? Here's the "Fiance for an hour" project. I'll come to meet your family, make a great impression, propose to you A couple of days later, I'll stage my tragic death. Nobody will ask you about children for the next 2 years.
smarter not harder - Room - SyncMaster 1248350 X aSearch (Ctri+
smarter not harder - Atmospheric phenomenon
smarter not harder - Text - Follow My boyfriend has been saving all our movie tickets since our first date on November 8, 2014 That is so sweet. I'm crying! r 8) DADDYSHOME Aud 15 6$ 1WDY 07 5/ PM ewh CUSTOMER COPY My ex also saved all the receipts when he spent money on me Just to know how much I would owe him if we broke up.
smarter not harder - Text - Follow Startup idea: soundproof plastic bags for polite people who drink from time to time but are too shy to admit it.
smarter not harder
smarter not harder - Text - Follow We were playing in the garden with my little brother. I buried him in some pillows and then get on with stuff. And he just sat there, ripening.
smarter not harder - Lawn
smarter not harder - Text - Follow Lifehack: say you're walking with a girl and a guy comes up to you and tries to sell you flowers. Say: "What are these terrible flowers? My lady deserves the best flowers in the world!" The guy is humiliated, the lady is delighted, and you've spent $0.
smarter not harder - Food
smarter not harder - Text - Follow How much of a risk-taker are you? I had to write 60,000 words for my paper. On the first 20 pages, I decreased the line-to-line spacing 2 times, and just typed some random letters in between in a white font. It worked. This was the most desperate bluff in my life.
smarter not harder
smarter not harder - Text - Follow Best tip I heard today: in case of an earthquake, a landslide and so on, put sausages in your pockets for the search dogs to find you much faster.


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