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30 Desperate Women Who Tried Beauty Tips and Tricks but Failed Miserably

They say, “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.” Well, Yeah! That’s true but, in today’s modern time’s beauty has become a standard that most females work hard to achieve.  They always look for quick and simple beauty hacks to add to their routine and maintain all the conventional standards of beauty. But, a word of advice, my friends! Whether you’re a top-notch beauty guru or you’re still trying to master eyeliner 101, don’t try too hard because you might end up with hilarious fails. There are bizarre beauty tips that magazines and websites tell women to follow if they want to look fabulous. Sometimes these crazy myths are true and sometimes they’re false, but either way, they’re pretty darn strange to even think of trying them out! So, think twice before trying any of those bizarre beauty tips!

In this post, we have listed 30 photos of desperate women who tried a few such beauty tips and tricks but failed miserably. Scroll on to see them yourself and enjoy peeps!

1What a mishapo


2I got a spray tan for my birthday and I put the hairnet too low on my forehead and this is the delightful result


3Don’t try to do it yourself then.

4That’s one way to highlight I guess.


5Ready to go to the carnival.

6That’s what having younger brothers gets you.


7You Missed a Spot


8Must be a really big Kiss fan.

9I never get why girls are so conscious about their skin color.

10That’s what you get for trying to learn from Youtube.

11The unibrow is coming back in a big way.

12If she actually looks like that naturally, those are the funniest eyebrows I’ve ever seen.

13Those eyebrows are definitely drawn on.

14Close enough.


15Getting ready for Comic-con.

16Hairstyles are getting a little out of hand.


17You should always have a friend who is good at doing makeup.


18I forgot I had a lipstick swatch on my hand and rubbed my eye I hate myself


19Are you going to tell her or should I?


20That’s not how you do nails.


21Well, at least you gave it a shot.

22Letting your daughter do your makeup.

23You got a little something right there.

24Bad idea.

25I’m sorry to have to tell you this kid, this was never cool.

26To go with those double chins.

27Stuff of nightmares.


28At least draw them right.

29Me after eating all the trick or treat candy on Halloween.

30The nude look

31Don’t Squint at It


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