20+ Funny Photos of Epic Windy Day Fails

Windy days are great for creating romantic scenes in movies, but they can be quite a nuisance in real life.

If you are stuck outside on a windy day, your hair will drive you crazy by blowing all over your face, and if you’re wearing a loose dress it’ll be flying everywhere. It’s not so romantic in real life is it?

Listed in this post are hilarious photos of people struggling on a windy day.

Scroll on and enjoy folks.

#1 Say cheese!

#2 Feeling a little hot down there

#3 I would never catch the bus that way

#4 Doggo’s having a Chewbacca kinda day

#5 My gosh thanks to the wind

#6 How I head outta work on Fridays

#7 She wanted to come out for a walk

#8 They felt it

#9 Missing Spiderman now eh?

#10 That’s what you’re here for ladies

#11 Take me with you

#12 The hair dryer treatment

#13 My dog looks like he just came out a scary movie

#14 A windy disaster

#15 Roller coaster rides be like

#16 The wind doesn’t stop for no princess

#17 The wind will take you home tonight

#18 All over the place

#19 Nobody knows windy malfunctions better than Kim

#20 Flying up and above

#21 Marilyn wannabees

#22 Ain’t no umbrella strong enough to save you today

#23 Not matching today

#24 Run for your lives!!

#25 Anyone hold my bags for a second

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