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10 Things About Your Appearance That Can Make You Look Unattractive

In the true spirit of Christian Dior’s idea, the 3 fundamentals of good dressing is simplicity, good taste and grooming, which are absolutely free. But many of us ignore the third pillar of the pantheon which undermines the value of the first 2 as well! But here we are, enlightening you with those 10 deceptively small things about your appearance which can make or break your image publically, but unfortunately, it does the latter more often. These are the common mistakes about your appearance that make a bad impression,

1. Wearing faded clothes is a big NO!

We all know the magical affect of the LBD, which can make any girl look like a princess, but if it’s an old worn out dress and the fabric is overwashed, making the color of your dress far from the perfect black that it was meant to be, it will be disastrous for you. Mind you, this applies to all bold, solid color clothes you have.

Wearing faded clothes is a big NO

Solutions to maintain their color

But here is the remedy- always wash your blacks and solid color clothes in cold water, with vinegar, tea or black coffee while washing. Do not tumble dry at all and you would be good to go!

Solutions to maintain their color

2. White clothes that aren’t perfectly white

The logic here remains the same as the black dresses. White dresses have to be pristine to have that perfect out of the world look. But if they have a yellowish or grayish tinge, it would make your look messy, especially the stubborn stains left behind by sweets, which are super hard to remove.

White clothes that aren’t perfectly white

Here’s what to do

Well no worries as we have a remedy for that. Slight yellowing can be removed with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, or lemon juice when washing the whites. If it still does not go away its better to discard the garment all together.



3. Negligently rolled up sleeves

Rolled up sleeves on a man makes him look youthful, dynamic and downright sexy, only if it’s done properly and not scrunched up giving it the look of an accordion, which would give the impression that you have never worn a buttoned up shirt since you left school. But worry not as we would guide you to do it right.

Negligently rolled up sleeves

Here’s what to do

All you need to is to unfasten the sleeve buttons, straighten them and turn the cuffs inside and repeat it. If there is a color difference between cuffs and sleeves make it an Italian sleeve tucks and you are good to roll.

Here’s what to do

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