10 Simple Rules to Look Great Without Makeup

Trying to look pretty is a natural quest amongst us women. We may invest alot of money and hours in looking well groomed and natural after pounding gallons of potions and makeup on our faces. But there is no need to do all that if everyone follows a few natural guidelines to look pretty and beautiful minus all the beauty products on the shelf. The trick to looking beautiful is more how you use makeup rather than piling on the makeup. Without further ado, here are 10 rules on how to look your best without any makeup.

1. How to make your eyebrows look perfect

Our eyebrows define the structure of our face. When we are fresh-faced without any makeup, our eyebrows automatically become the focal point of our looks. So make them look primed and pretty by coloring them in subtle pale colors like henna or any color which matches your hair tone. If you have thin eyebrows, then mix castor oil and vitamin A and apply the mixture on your eyebrows daily. You’ll see results within a few weeks.

How to make your eyebrows look perfect

2. Accentuate your eyes

The eyes they say are the windows of your souls and the most expressive organs of our face. You can make them look wider by using an eyelash curler and then put a coat of transparent gel so that they stick in place. Even eyelash extensions can make you your eyes look angelic.

Accentuate your eyes

Deal with dark circles

Dark circles are very common these days and they need to be dealt with on a priority basis. Usually, they occur due to deficiency of iron or B vitamin so incorporate a lot of red meat and liver in your diet. Another big reason for dark circles is lack of sleep, so try to pack in at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep a day. Apply under eye cream with retinol. A cold compress with mint or green tea also works well for dark circles.

Whiten your teeth

3. Whiten your teeth

A perfect smile can get you from being a nobody to the center of attraction in no time, regardless of wherever you may be. So your pearly whites need to be taken care of. Use whitening toothpaste especially if you are a regular smoker or coffee addict. If your teeth are naturally grey or yellow, you can get whitening strips over the counter or get them professionally whitened by a dentist.

Pay attention to your lips

4. Pay attention to your lips

You might be surprised that moisturizing, exfoliation and nutrition are not only mandatory for your face or skin but also for your lips. Always use lip balms which are mild and oil-based such as olive or natural oil. You should massage your lips with a soft toothbrush or your fingertips daily but before you do this moisten them beforehand by dipping them in sugar or honey.

Pay attention to your lips

5. Take care of your hair

If you have finally decided to ditch the makeup, then your hairstyle needs to be exciting and that means you’ll have to do away with those old tresses and style you had a decade ago. Change your hair style or hair color which compliments your skin tone and face cut. Get your spilt-ends cut and trimmed regularly and if you work outside, use heat protective gels.

Use sunscreen

Fight the dandruff

Coconut oil can add shine to your hair and help fight dandruff, dryness and itchy scalp. You can also go completely organic by boiling herbal extracts like lilac sage and oak bark for brunettes, chamomile, and linden for blonds which will make your hair look shiny.

Focus on your skin

6. Use sunscreen

The harmful UV rays of the sun not only causes skin cancer (thin-skinned people are at higher risk) but promotes premature wrinkling and rashes on the skin. SPF products should be used according to your skin type all throughout the year and not just during summers or a vacation on the beach.

Get enough sleep

Focus on your skin

It has been duly recommended by cosmetologists that we must wash our face twice a day. The best is when getting ready to snooze, one must wash off the grime and soot of the day. In the morning you can use cleansing milk, lotion or even a simple ice cube. Just remember to be gentle with this stuff as sometimes they can be a bit harsh on the skin. A homemade face mask is also a very good option for skin care, such as a white clay mask. If that’s not suitable, use face scrub once a week to exfoliate the skin.

Reconsider your diet

8. Get enough sleep

We all know that our body needs a minimum of 7-8 hrs of sleep for that perfectly glowing skin. Try to sleep by 11 pm as the body starts developing the beauty hormone the “Melatonin” by midnight. Always sleep on your back to stay away from premature wrinkles.

Find your own color

9. Reconsider your diet

Our skin is a direct reflection of what we eat. The secret behind a glowing skin is a lot of fish vegetable oils, seeds, and nuts in the diet. All these items are the source of fatty acids, Vitamin E, and carotenes which fight against the free radicals. Also, include a flux of dairy products as they are laced with microflora essential for flawless skin.

Reconsider your diet

Get your protein

Your skin, hair and nails require protein to grow. Now it isn’t necessary to start gorging on meat but make sure you get your sufficient RDA of protein. The RDA is usually 46 grams for a sedentary woman. You can also get a good source of protein from nonvegetarian products such as soyabean, quinoa, lentils, chickpeas, and green peas. If you prefer white meat, then fish and chicken breast are excellent choices.

Get your protein

10. Find your own color

Choosing the perfect hues for your wardrobe would do wonders on your overall appearance. It will make you look expressive and more vibrant. It will also hide your skin flaws and make your face attractive.

Choosing the perfect hues

Go for the bright colors or according to your skin type

When ditching foundation, you shouldn’t be making things worse. Go for bright colors like blue, turquoise, emerald or peach. The idea is to understand your skin color type and stick with the wardrobe which accentuates your face rather than under or overwhelming it.

bright colors

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